The University Experience is Evolving at an Unprecedented Pace.

Wisewire partners with higher education institutions and OPM providers to build effective online courses and degree programs that retain the same specialization and faculty vision as the on-premise program.
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Why Choose Wisewire

Wisewire's Course Frameworks

Wisewire has a comprehensive library of course frameworks that deliver the highest quality course materials on the market today. This unique approach jumpstarts foundational course development. It’s faster to market and helps students achieve career goals thru industry-recognized learning paths.

We Help With Faculty Buy-In

Wisewire identifies experiences necessary to expose students to concepts needed for our digitally connected global economy. Projects and knowledge units are then carefully designed to fit with an existing standards-aligned approach. The result are course frameworks that meet outcome requirements and jumpstart development. Our frameworks consist of projects, knowledge units enhanced-assessments, and other learning resources.

Competency–Based Models

Wisewire supports competency based models throughout the entire online program building process. We do this by identifying and mapping competencies students need today, and re-envisioning new/existing course content, platform design, and delivery systems.

Infusing Open Education Resources

Wisewire seamlessly infuses open educational resources into current and future online programs. This increases student retention by connecting real data and tools with current media while simultaneously breaking down barriers of affordability and accessibility.

Our Academic Solutions

Our solutions are designed to ease the transition of your institution’s degree programs to being accessible online. Whether you are looking to put a single course online, or an entire 2-year or 4-year degree program, Wisewire has got you covered.
If you are looking to launch individual courses online, Wisewire can help. Our extensive team of 2,500+ subject matter experts paired with our instructional designers cover nearly all subjects offered by higher education institutions.
Wisewire can help your institution launch your 2-year degree programs online. Our online associate’s degrees are designed using the latest innovations in learning science and cover all courses within a degree program.
Ready to launch your complete 4-year degree programs online? Then look no further. Wisewire can seamlessly build out your entire 4-year degree program (complete with all courses required). Your students will have the peace of mind knowing that they can earn their bachelor’s degree anywhere and you will know that you are providing rigorous materials and reliable evaluations.
Whether you already have traditional certificate programs at your institution or you are looking to offer certificate programs to your students for the first time, Wisewire can help. We will build your online certificate program and can cover an array of subjects ranging from computer science, business, professional development, and more.

Why Higher Ed Institutions and OPM Partners Should Ramp Up Their Online Program Offering

There is a growing demand for online degree programs and not enough higher education institutions or OPM partners to fill the gap. This presents a terrific opportunity to set your organization apart from others and accelerate its growth.

Offer a More Robust Learning Experience

The online learning experience has crossed the threshold of being more robust and immersive than its traditional counterpart. This is due to advancing technology used in learning management systems and a richer learner-centered design by organizations like Wisewire.

Increase Graduation Rates

Students earning their degrees online have higher graduation rates (just take a look at Pennsylvania State University World Campus, University of Florida, George Washington University, and Marist College to name a few that have graduation rates higher than 80%). These students are able to take courses at their own pace and in a setting that they feel most comfortable. This results in a more conducive learning experience and yields a higher quality of life and better work, academia, and life balance.

Increase Enrollment

By offering your institution’s course catalog online, you are providing more options for prospective students outside of your location. The ease of accessibility and higher quality of learning is attractive and will give your institution an edge over the competition.