The Best Learning Experience Starts With Even Better Learning Design

Wisewire's learner-centered projects, skill packs and assessments target specific objectives and competencies while engaging students and connecting their learning to life. Wisewire is enabling curriculum developers to reinvigorate their content libraries.
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Our Approach

Engaging and Connected Content

Wisewire reinvigorates content catalogs and libraries by infusing thought-provoking real-world projects and enhanced assessments that excite and energize students. By modularizing and connecting materials, Wisewire creates learning products and programs that are truly revolutionary.

Our Approach

Wisewire identifies experiences necessary to expose students to concepts needed for our digitally connected global economy. Projects and knowledge units are then carefully designed to fit with the existing standards-aligned approach. The result are course frameworks that meet outcome requirements and jumpstart development. Our frameworks consist of projects, knowledge units, enhanced-assessments, and other learning resources.

We Think About Learning In a Different Way

We believe that students should be inspired to do great work and have developed a tested and tried approach to modifying existing and building new learning materials that excite people to go beyond the boundaries.

Built for Efficient Learning

Case Study 1

Sequencing Project-Based Learning

Wisewire's PBL Curriculum is a configurable basal offer in all core subjects.

Configuration 1 requires students to consume skill-based content and show mastery before applying what they learned in their final projects.

Configuration 2 tests for general readiness and then delivers the project. This model expects students to access the resources in the order needed to complete their project.

After completion, a final assessment provides evidence of a complete understanding of the standards.

Case Study 2

Learning Materials That Are Uniquely Yours

Your mission may require a unique approach. Our learning science experts and engineers will build materials that fulfill that mission.

As an example, Wisewire partnered with a prominent publisher to develop the core elements for a tutoring system that uses newly created artificial intelligence (AI) to efficiently deliver computer-based support to college students.

We are proud to report that our content scored the highest ratings overall.

What You Get with Us

Wisewire functions as a reliable partner that can facilitate any level of your mission, from project planning, to scoping of work, to providing thought leadership.

Industry Leaders & Trailblazers

Wisewire has been partnering with educators, learning institutions, and innovative organizations around the world for decades. Our work can be found in some of the most widely used and highly regarded education products available today (including online courses, open educational resources, interactive textbooks, assessments, game-based learning, and many other platforms).

A Strategic Partner

Wisewire functions as a reliable partner that can facilitate any level of your mission, project planning and scoping of work, to providing thought leadership.

World-Class Learning Science Experts

Our team consists of world-class learning science experts, data scientists, learning architects, interaction designers, authors, and subject matter experts who understand how to create meaningful learning experiences for students of all ages. Our people live and breathe the cognitive-psychological research of human learning!

Easy Setup

Whether you are using our quality learning materials out of the box or customizing them, you will find that we make integration with your LMS a breeze. Wisewire works with some of the most experienced engineers in the industry. We can integrate via LTI/QTI, or customize your environment (i.e., create new elements to improve instructor effectiveness, student scores, or the overall experience).

Marketplace and Assessment Platform

Our platform offers you tens of thousands of common core aligned learning objects. Everything from robust technology-enhanced items (TEIs), to quizzes, to assessments, to lessons, to playlists and more!