Wisewire Empowers Teachers with Learning Materials that Raise Student Achievement and Deliver Better Results

Browse Wisewire’s marketplace and you will find tens of thousands of high quality interactive learning materials; everything from quizzes, lesson plans, playlists and more (for grades K-12). All of our materials are common core aligned and built to provide students with new cutting edge learning experiences.

Wisewire’s robust learning platform will take your classroom to the next level. Use the platform to distribute interactive lesson plans, get immediate student feedback, autonomously grade work, and more. Our technology enhanced items (or TEIs) provide an immersive, dynamic experience that is as rich as it is engaging.

Use Wisewire’s platform to create your own learning materials. Start by using our out of the box templates or build from scratch. Combine content snippets or questions to create lessons and assessments, or combine lessons to create lesson plans and playlists. Store TEIs in your personal library and assign to your students via the dashboard. The possibilities are endless.

We know that teachers can make the best authors because they bring their own experiences to the table. Wisewire is always looking for high quality content. If you are interested in selling your learning resources in the Wisewire Marketplace then please submit your products to our learning science team for consideration.

Would you like to see more of Wisewire’s educational resources at your school or district? Simply refer Wisewire to your administrator and we will handle the rest. If your school partners up with Wisewire you and your colleagues will receive automatic free access to the learning platform as well as all resources in the Marketplace (even new ones).

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Create and Customize Technology Enhanced Items on Wisewire’s Learning Platform

Our Mission Is to Help Students Succeed by Providing Rich Projects and Enhanced Assessments that Promote Deep Thinking.

We know that students learn best when they engage in meaningful ways. Wisewire provides computer-scored questions that allow students to express their knowledge through a variety of formats.

Enhanced Assessments

Enhanced items consist of one or more interactive formats including labeling maps and diagrams, selecting words and phrases in a passage, matching ideas and concepts, building data tables, choosing tools, and completing complex algebraic equations.

Positive Impact

High-level thinking and problem-solving skills are developed when students engage with questions. Enhanced items provide evidence of deep knowledge and emphasize being able to apply their knowledge in unique ways.

Develop Intellectual Independence

Longer, more complex questions provide opportunities for your students to build their attention while getting the support they need. Over time they learn to persist on tough problems and feel the satisfaction of completing them on their own.

“Wisewire's ELA assessments allow students to prepare for the cognitive and technology demands of high stakes assessments. They allow students to address different media forms as stated by the CCSS and be more engaged in the content itself.”

Phong Thai, M.Ed., Instructional Specialist. Southeast Middle School

“Wisewire's technology-enhanced items provide insight into a student’s thought process and can be used as an effective strategy for both formative and summative assessments.”

Paula Faye, Educational Consultant
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