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All learning objects are designed and vetted by creators of high-quality content. All content goes through multiple rounds of review to ensure it is accurate, well-written, engaging, relevant, level-appropriate, compliant, and instructionally sound.

We make it easy to build your own learning experience with bite-sized, modular content. Our large network of content providers can help create a personalized learning playlist that can be plugged into virtually any platform.

Everything in our marketplace is engaging, relevant, and effective. We combine years of teaching and content development experience with cognitive science research and instructional design principles to build content for optimum learning.

We are all about quality content. We understand what technology can and can’t do for learning, and we believe intuitive technology should be a vehicle to unleashing meaningful learning experiences.


Our instructional design philosophy is at the core of everything we do. In simplest terms, we take the content students need to know and design learning experiences, using a variety of tools, to help them acquire that knowledge in the most effective way.

Perform smart searches by grade level, standard, discipline, topic, language, content type, and more to find the content that best suits your needs quickly and easily. Additionally, sort items by question type and DOK level to structure effective and thoughtful assessments.

Items and modules are designed to focus on one or two key points at a time for easy consumption. This reduces cognitive load and allows learners to spend time on the most important and relevant concepts.

We value content that engages, motivates, and inspires students in order to drive successful learning. Learning should be its own reward. If it doesn’t really help, you won’t find it on our site.