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Some people can compute triple integrals in their sleep, and others can’t count past ten without taking their shoes off. Some people know pi to a thousand places, and others just order a slice of key lime and call it a day. But one thing’s certain: whether it’s your best friend or your worst enemy, math is here to stay. Luckily, so is Shmoop. Our math videos cover every math topic under the sun and won’t put you to sleep.

Since 2008, Shmoop has been a digital publishing company with a point of view. Our teaching method revolves around the basic idea that learning is often too hard—so we carry gallons of academic WD-40 to squirt on the tracks whenever we can.

We own 100% of our content and present both a consistent voice and a distinctive product offering. Our Learning Guides, Online Courses, College Readiness Prep, and Test Prep balance a teen-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous materials to help students understand why they should care.