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This unit −aligned to ACTFL standards− explores the United States as a Spanish-speaking country. To fully complete the instruction process, students will need access to a recording device. This unit includes:

– Five core lessons where new content is introduced. Spanish-only and bilingual videos are used to introduce and review the new vocabulary and grammar of the lesson. Each lesson has two sets of question sections that provide the students with practice to reinforce the learning process. After the activity section, students may take a 5-question quiz to test retention.

– One lesson where students can practice pronouncing words and expressions that they have learned in the unit.

– Two project lessons that offer a great opportunity to promote the meaningful usage of the language and all the communication skills they have learned.

– One review lesson which uses the same structure of core lessons, but provides a thorough review of the unit content and prepares students for the Unit Test.

– One unit test (one original and one clone version) that is aimed at evaluating the overall knowledge of students on the main topics presented throughout the unit.
– The test consists of 20 multiple-choice and matching questions.

– Spanish and bilingual videos support the instruction of vocabulary, grammar, and culture

– Six worksheets (two versions: beginners and advanced).

We have provided the videos embedded within the lesson PDF files and also separately in (.mp4) format. Please verify that you have appropriate and updated software for viewing the videos before you purchase.​