Design and Adapt

Learning environments require a wide variety of tools and materials to be truly effective.
Our learning science experts and designers evaluate the health of your learning environment and can refine or create new elements to improve instructor effectiveness, student scores, and the overall experience.

Learning Architecture

  • Document the learning environment including your learning model, delivery platform, curricula, faculty expectations and desired student outcomes
  • Measure effectiveness through data and study design and the collection and analysis of outcomes
  • Recommend solutions in line with your budget and timeline
  • Produce learning model designs, measurement tools, course materials, assessments and trainings that focus on efficient learning

Our Experts

  • Learning science experts who live and breathe cognitive-psychological research of human learning
  • Data science experts identify and prioritize the challenges and opportunities of complex models and iterate with stakeholders to create end-to-end solutions
  • Learning Architects who maximize student engagement and learning
  • Interaction Designers who know to inspire students and understand the technology inside out
  • Authors and Subject Experts who know their field, how to teach and work with the design team