Putting It All Together – A Guide To Creating Assessments on Wisewire’s Platform

Once you’ve built your questions or content pages, follow these quick steps to tie them together into a lesson, assessment, video sequence, activity, or flashcard set.

Step 1: Publish each item and content page. You can only group items and content pages that have been published. Once each piece is ready to go, hit the “publish” button and fill out the appropriate fields.

Step 2: Create a new “Draft Assessment.” After publishing all of the items you wish to include, go to the “Created by You” section of your dashboard. Click on the gear item to the right of each item on your dashboard and select “Add Question to Assessment.” You’ll be asked to add that item to a new draft assessment. Click on that link and enter a name and description.


Step 3: Add the rest of your items to the draft assessment. Once you’ve created the draft assessment and added a question or content page to it, you can add the rest of your pieces to this assessment by clicking on the gear icon.

Step 4: Edit and publish your draft assessment. On this screen, you can change the sequence of content pages and items so they’re presented in the order you want them. Once you’re satisfied with the result, publish your assessment.

Step 5: View and assign your assessment. Now, your content is ready for anyone with the link to access! You can invite your students to access it directly by clicking “Create Assignment” and sending it to them via email.


Check out Wisewire’s  user guide for more information on how to create, edit, and assign items and assessments.