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Standout with these 5 Lesson Improvement Tips

It’s a necessary evil based in scientific research. Tedious, time-consuming, and difficult are among the most common words used to describe the process. Yet, whether you’re anxiously typing away with excitement or it’s something you loathe entirely, lesson planning continues to be a gold standard in today’s teaching industry (and for good reason) Continue reading

6 Things the Best Teachers Do

They say that no two teachers are alike. Each one has a teaching style that creates a unique classroom experience. Some prefer project-based learning, while others use interactive assessments to measure student growth Continue reading

Summer 2016: Conference Takeaways

The masses perceive teachers to have summers off, but anyone who specializes in the field of education knows that there really aren’t any breaks. Summer is often a time filled with many hours pondering and planning for the year to come. Continue reading