6 Easy Steps to Differentiate Assessments with Wisewire

How can you create differentiated learning experiences for your students without spending hours of your precious planning time? The Wisewire cloning feature solves this dilemma by providing a quick, easy way to create differentiated versions of assessments even if you’re not a technology expert. Here are six simple steps to get you started.

1480385238_internt_web_technology-021. Clone items to make different versions: Click on the gear icon to the right of any item saved on your dashboard and select “clone question.” This will allow you to create a new version of the question and edit it without having to start over from scratch. (Check out our User Manual for help with cloning or any other feature.)

1480385363_internt_web_technology-012. Adapt for struggling learners: Give students in-item support by adding detailed hints or feedback. After cloning a question you can modify these fields to give students more robust or targeted coaching than was present in the original version. You also can modify the question itself to add more support in the stem, to hone in on a specific part of the standard, or to focus on foundational cognitive skills like recall and definition.

1480385178_internt_web_technology-063. Modify for advanced learners: You also can reverse these techniques for learners performing above grade level. Replace hints and feedback with generic messages rather than detailed support, include advanced vocabulary or more complex numbers, and target higher-order cognitive skills like synthesis and analysis.

1480385740_internt_web_technology-164. Build differentiated assessments: In addition to cloning the questions themselves, you also can differentiate in the way you sequence the questions into formative assessments. For students needing more guidance, add scaffolding and additional practice so they can gradually work their way up from simple to more complex questions. For high achievers, remove some of the less complicated questions and add extension questions that reach ahead to the next grade level.

1480385688_internt_web_technology-125. Create differentiated student groups: You can create multiple groups of students under “Manage Groups” and assign them the assessments you’ve created just for them. Determine the members of each group based on pre-tests, past performance in your classroom, and your knowledge of how your students learn best and how much support they need. Once your assessments are ready, assign them to the appropriate student group. Tip: Students can see the name of the group they are invited to join, so name each group carefully.

1480385418_internt_web_technology-046. Add resources for remediation or extension: To differentiate a step further, assign resources beyond assessment. For instance, Wisewire playlists target standards students often find difficult to master and can be great resources for remediation. Advanced learners can use that time to tackle more challenging activities (search the Wisewire marketplace for a slew of curated options from around the web) that will allow them to continue honing their skills. You also may create, deploy, clone, and modify lessons or presentations customized for specific groups of students using Wisewire’s content page template.