5 Hacks for Teachers Using the Content Page Template

Wisewire’ s Create platform is designed for building formative assessments, but we all know there’s more to learning than testing. Using Wisewire’s Content Page template, you can create and assign entire lessons or presentations that integrate instructional content and classroom activities with (or without!) assessment items.

Here are some creative ways to mix it up!

#1: Insert Instruction (or Motivation!) Between Questions

ContentPage_1Create instructional pages for students to read individually, in groups, or with the whole class. Use the familiar formatting tools in the Content Page template to minimize a learner’s cognitive load by breaking up content with headings, images, bulleted lists, or hyperlinks to external content. You also can string together multiple  content pages by using the “Create Assessment” feature.

For increased visual appeal, create your own” slides” in a tool like PowerPoint, take screenshots, and upload the images to individual content pages. These pages can be instructional or motivational to encourage students throughout the lesson or assessment.


#2: Engage with Videos

Videos provide alternative ways to present material and engage students at all levels. Use the Content Page template to embed videos within a lesson or assessment sequence instead of in a separate browser window for a seamless interaction. Display “live action” instructions to lower elementary students who cannot yet read, demonstrate difficult real-world concepts, or just provide a mental break. Do you have your own YouTube or Vimeo channel? Embed your original videos into a Content Page!

ContentPage_3Reminder: Any videos or images you use in a lesson or sell in a product as a Wisewire author should be in the public domain or have a Creative Commons license that allows for sharing and when applicable, commercial use. Make sure that any content you upload complies with the site’s Terms of Use.

#3: Create Classroom Activities

Provide instructions for classroom activities like debates or guided discussions. Display a passage, image, or video as stimulus and follow it up with critical thinking questions.


#4: Build Flashcard Sets

Build vocabulary flashcards for any and all subjects and grade levels.  Upload an image to one content page and the term onto a separate content page to allow for student practice, or keep them together.


#5 Put It All Together: Group Content to Display and Assign

Check out our post on how to group the items you’ve created to display and assign.

Have you tried any of these hacks, or have new ideas to add? Let us know in the comments!